Friday, May 02, 2008

Journal of Iraq: Kuwait

I've been in Kuwait a little over two weeks now. So far I've experience.... nothing. The only thing that really sucks most about being here in Kuwait is its a hurry up and wait process. Myself, I did very little training. Out of the two weeks I have been here I've done maybe 3 days of actually training. Most of my time was spent watching movies or walking around doing anything and everything with my buddies Jacob and Bucky. The weather here has been fairly warm. Most days its atleast 100 degrees.
One of the coolest things that happend though, was when we were in the middle of the desert doing some IED training and a herd of camels walked up to us. It was probably a herd of atleast 6 camels. It was pretty cool because if full-filled my two things I wanted to see while I was here in Kuwait; vast wasteland desert and camels. So it was pretty neat. Then a few days ago I got to experience my first sandstorm here. It was really neat because the sand was so thick and dense you couldnt even see any more then 10 meters in front of you!
In a few days I will be in Iraq. Please continue to pray for myself and my unit as we prepare to roll into combat. Until later... pro deo et patria, facta cum honore!

wilcox out


Blogger Our Family said...

Hey Tom - finally a new entry...I was beginning to get bored reading the energy drink entry :) I'm sitting here with your wife beside me and your daughter sleeping upstairs! So excited to hear about your experiences - keep blogging when you can! Love - your sister in law! Michelle says she loves you "baby" (I added baby b/c that is what she always calls you :) hehehe. She says your her hunka hunka burning love :)

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