Tuesday, April 08, 2008

back to work...

So today is the first full day back to work after being on block leave for two weeks. I had the greatest time being back home in Iowa just relaxing with family. As the date for us to leave for Iraq comes closer and closer the reality seems to seep in even more and more.
Lastnight it was really hard for me to sleep because I had one stupid thing on my mind and it really bothered me. It kept me up for 2 hours! I was seaching all weekend for the packing list I need to have for the rest of my clothes that we taking to Iraq and I couldnt find it. So I wake up at 12:30 and thats on my mind wondering where its at. I easily could have waited til I got to work in the morning but I was bound and determined to find it. About an hour later I couldnt find it so I gave up and went back to sleep.
I talk to Michelle about being nervious and scared about going to Iraq. Which was really the main reason in the first place that I was up anyway. I know God would never send me somewhere where he didnt want me to go. But that doesnt make it any easier, ya know?
I've been trying so hard not to stress out about all of this. I just want to enjoy all of the time I can with Michelle and Addyson before I leave. I know once I get settled in in Kuwait and Iraq things will be okay. Because by then I just need to accept the fact that I'm not going anywhere for 15 months...


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